International Traders Network (ITN)

Traders are sector-specific local professionals involved in Imports & Exports.

Together in many cities/countries, they form the International Traders Network (ITN).

Their expertise saves companies time and money in finding products at the most competitive prices.

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The ITN adds value to traders and to our member companies.

Traders will have more tools available to them
to do more business, and have the assistance of
traders in other markets to further expand and
grow their businesses.

Simultaneously, the ITN provides our member
companies with additional supporting services
to increase sales in ways that were not possible
with the online infrastructure alone.

The ITN enhances our offerings to our
members in making deals happen
through The Network.

Utilizing The Networks services, traders save valuable
time and costs in sourcing products demanded by
local buyers and deliver to their buyers more
competitive products.

Subsequently traders, together with other traders
and representatives in other markets, are in a
better position to assist member buyers and
sellers that are not internet savvy.

Traders are grouped into sectors, according to their expertise.

The sectors are chosen according to industry standards covering: 

  • Agriculture Products
  • Chemicals and Related Products
  • Electronic Products
  • Energy - Related Products
  • Footwear
  • Forest Products
  • Machinery
  • Minerals and Metals
  • Miscellaneous manufactures
  • Special provisions
  • Textile and apparel
  • Transportation Equipment

Traders that join 1Point Commerce, will form the largest global network
to buy and sell products amongst themselves.

Traders abide by 1Point Commerce‘s Code of Ethics and adhere to the highest standard of ethics of their respective professions.

Registration is without any charges or fees. Approved Traders pay a 1% commission on completed deals.

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The International Traders Network (ITN) then click on the button below to apply.

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