Board of Directors

Faeq Tadros - Chairman

Faeq Tadros serves as the Chairman of 1Point Commerce, the primary trading division of the Abbadai Group, a privately owned enterprise. Driven by a profound passion for commerce, Faeq dedicates his efforts to devising solutions for the challenges inherent in international trading. His innovative approach has led to the creation of a platform that unifies countries through trade, transforming the globe into a singular marketplace. This platform is especially beneficial to SMEs around the world, offering them opportunities for increased sales and cost reductions on procurements. Before founding 1Point Commerce, Faeq held the position of Managing Director at AlAmlak, a company specializing in real estate investment and land development located in Jordan. Faeq's educational background includes a degree in Civil Engineering, which he obtained in 1982 from California State University, Fresno.