Code of Ethics

1Point Commerce, its Traders, Representatives, and Associates have one mission: to help business members Compete Locally and Expand Globally at minimal risk and cost.

1Point Commerce's Traders are experts in international trading. Their mission is to assist companies to trade across borders.

1Point Commerce‘s Representatives are the extended reach of 1Point Commerce in world markets. Their mission is to make local companies global.

1Point Commerce's Associates are business services providers assisting member companies to complete trade deals and to expand into the Associates‘ local markets.

1Point Commerce‘s members are companies and traders in different regions, countries, and cities worldwide.

To ensure that 1Point Commerce‘s Representatives, Associates, and Members receive the highest standards of business practices, all have agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics of 1Point Commerce:

  1. All shall maintain high standards of services, openness, transparency, and accuracy.
  2. All shall offer products and services only if they have the knowledge, experience, or competence to perform them.
  3. All shall make commitments only when they can be met, and thereafter will take all possible steps to ensure that they are fulfilled.
  4. 1Point Commerce‘s Representatives and Associates shall act at all times in the legitimate interest of 1Point Commerce‘s members and provide services with integrity, fidelity, and faithfulness. At the same time, ‘ALL‘ shall act with fairness and justice in dealings between buyers, sellers, and other commercial entities.
  5. Representatives and Associates shall not accept financial or other compensation from more than one interested party for the same service, or for services pertaining to the same transaction, without the consent of all interested parties.
  6. All shall ensure that information provided to 1Point Commerce members and others is truthful, impartial, and accurate.
  7. All shall not disclose information concerning the business or technical affairs of 1Point Commerce‘s member(s) without the consent of the member unless there is a legal duty to do so.
  8. All shall not misrepresent qualifications and experience to the buyer(s), to the seller(s), to Member(s), or to the public.
  9. All shall not issue any advertisement or other communication, which contains or insinuates any matter likely to mislead the public or be derogatory to the dignity of 1Point Commerce or its members.
  10. All shall not knowingly imitate, simulate or copy any name, design, style, mark, or pattern whether registered or not, which is being used by another Representative, Associate, or Member without the concerned party(s) written permission.
  11. All shall not injure or attempt to injure the reputation, practice, or prospects of another party provided that this will not prohibit the expression of an opinion before a court, a tribunal, or when lodging a complaint to a competent body.
  12. In the event of a controversy between parties, they will be expected to make efforts to peacefully and speedily settle the matter.
  13. All shall not associate to work with another party, which does not conform to the ethical practices laid down in this code.
  14. All shall not engage in any activity that is expressly or potentially in conflict with this Code of Ethics.

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