Corporate Profile

1Point Commerce is a part of the Abbadai Group S.A., a privately held Panamanian company that operates - a trading and communication center of a Global eCommerce Network (The Network). The Network aims to simplify global commerce, making it easy and almost local.

The Abbadai Group provides the necessary online and offline infrastructures, including local Representatives, Associates (Business Services Providers), and Traders, in partnership with, a global business directory that promotes companies on a global level. This enables companies to expand into new markets successfully and maximize trade deals with markets around the world.

1Point Commerce's local Representatives are the extended reach of the company in world markets. Their mission is to enable local companies to become active in the global digital economy and grow and prosper.

1Point Commerce's Traders are experts in international trading, helping companies and members to trade across borders.

To successfully complete negotiated trade deals, 1Point Commerce's local Associates (Business Service Providers) assist buyers and suppliers to do so efficiently and cost-effectively. Their services cover a wide range of areas, including inspections, payments, insurance, logistics, legal, accounting, real estate, human resources, marketing, and advertising. With these services, businesses can successfully expand into the localities where the Associates are located, minimizing cost and risk.

The company is always expanding its local presence of Representatives, Traders, and Associates to cover more countries and cities worldwide to deliver more value to our members in increased sales and savings on purchases. With every market it covers, its Associates assist companies in minimizing their costs and risks of entering such markets.

1Point Commerce's Affiliates are all passionate about B2B and helping their client companies benefit from increased global exposure, sales, and exports.

The 1Point Commerce international network acts as an additional channel and a Global Marketing & Sales department for companies to purchase competitive products from global sources and increase their sales in world markets.

With 1Point Commerce, buyers buy better, sellers sell more, and businesses become global to grow and prosper. To learn more about our business model, please click here.

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