Our Story

Going through the b2b buying processes, the time and money required to purchase the most competitive products and services is a difficult task. Buyers need to find the suppliers of products in every country; contact suppliers; receive information; compare products; filter the suppliers they feel comfortable in dealing with; negotiate trade deals, and agree to purchase from a specific supplier. After that comes inspection, insurance, shipping, payment, customs brokers and delivery to the warehouse.

Analyzing things further, there are two stages to purchasing products:

- Before the Point of Purchase; and

- After the Point of Purchase.

The work before the point of purchase is the most time-consuming. This is what 1Point Commerce is designed for: Buyers to find, compare, negotiate, and purchase products from suppliers everywhere within days versus months. We save buyers lots of time and money in buying the most competitive products from suppliers worldwide.

When buyers buy, suppliers sell. It turned out that our solution solves the problems of buyers and suppliers. Buyers buy better and sellers sell and export more products.

Can we really separate buyers from suppliers knowing that every supplier is a buyer of input materials and a seller of finished products? I don’t think so. Even in mining, sellers sell raw materials but they are buyers of machinery and spare parts.

To assist buyers to find the products they are looking for, 1Point Commerce is designed to work hand-in-hand with local representatives in many countries. Local representatives promote the solution to local suppliers so that those suppliers join 1Point Commerce and add their products to the website. The more markets we cover, the more products will be available on the website for buyers to view, compare, negotiate, and purchase the most competitive products from suppliers everywhere.

When buyers and sellers agree to a deal, the solution provides them with a network of Associates, business service providers, to assist in completing trade deals. This includes inspection, logistics, payment, insurance, etc. Furthermore, for businesses wanting to expand into new markets, our Associates of lawyers, accountants, employment agencies, etc. assist them to do so successfully at minimal cost and risk.

This is what our solution is all about: an Online and Off-Line infrastructure forming a “Global E-Commerce Network” (The Network). The Network provides a complete B2B Global Commerce Solution that fulfills the needs of buyers and suppliers: Buyers buy better and sellers sell and export more.

The alternative to 1Point Commerce is really expensive and time-consuming.

Finally, I would like to invite you to join 1Point Commerce and enjoy the benefits it brings to your company in increased sales and savings on purchases.

Wishing you successful deals in the days ahead,

Fayeg Tadros / CEO