Thank you for your interest in 1Point Commerce's International Traders Network (ITN)

Trader's Agreement

Effective Date: This Agreement is activated on the date the Trader's membership is approved by 1Point Commerce and lasts for a duration of ONE YEAR.


  • 1POINT COMMERCE ("1Point"), a subsidiary of Abbadai Group S.A., registered under the laws of Panama, headquartered at:

 61 Damascus Street, Amman, 11183, Jordan.

Contact details:



  • Trader ("the Trader"), as identified during the membership registration process.


A. 1Point has developed a global B2B network, both online and offline, to facilitate international trade.

B. The Trader intends to access and utilize this Network to engage in global trade activities.

Agreement Terms:

  1. Membership:

Upon approval, 1Point grants the Trader a membership, subject to adherence to this Agreement's terms.

  1. Term:

The membership term is one year, subject to renewal upon mutual agreement.

  1. 1Point Responsibilities:

1Point commits to the continuous enhancement of the Network to support Trader benefits effectively.

  1. Trader Commitments:

The Trader shall:

    • Follow 1Point's Code of Ethics and maintain current and accurate information on the Network.
    • Complete the Membership Application accurately.
    • Assist in the expansion and promotion of the Traders Network.
    • Work collaboratively with other 1Point traders and promote 1Point within local markets.
    • Ensure effective communication in English and local languages.
  1. Trade Sectors and Services:
    • Traders are categorized into sectors such as Agriculture, Chemicals, Electronics, Energy, Footwear, Forest Products, Machinery, Metals, Textiles, and more, based on their expertise.
    • Traders can list products for sale, post product needs, engage in liquidations, and collaborate across markets.
    • Registration is complimentary; a 1% commission on successful transactions is payable to 1Point.
    • For each new trader recruited, the inviting Trader earns 30% of the 1% sales commission collected by 1Point.
    • For each new representative recruited, the inviting Trader gains 5% of the revenue generated by the new representative for three years.
  2. Ethics and Professional Conduct:

All parties are to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and professionalism, as detailed in the 1Point Code of Ethics.

  1. Operational Guidelines:

Traders will receive and must adhere to the Operation Manual upon membership approval.

  1. Indemnity and Liability:

The Trader agrees to indemnify 1Point against breaches and acknowledges that 1Point is not liable for losses related to Network use or disruptions.

  1. Termination:

The Agreement can be terminated by either party under specific conditions, with no fee refunds by 1Point for early termination.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights:

The Network's intellectual property remains with 1Point; the Trader is granted usage rights under this Agreement without obtaining any ownership.

  1. Adjustments and Risk Acceptance:

Traders are expected to stay updated with any changes and understand the risks involved in trading activities.

  1. Comprehensive Agreement:

This document represents the complete agreement, superseding all prior understandings, and is governed by the laws of Panama.

  1. Dispute Resolution:

Disputes will be resolved through arbitration in Panama City, adhering to Panama's legal standards.

  1. General Clauses:

This section includes standard legal provisions on notifications, agreement integrity, enforceability, and obligations post-termination.

Conclusion and Execution:

              By participating in the Services, the Trader agrees to all terms set forth in this Agreement as mandated by 1Point Commerce.