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Your complete global B2B e-Commerce solution.

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to purchase the most competitive products.

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to maximize sales and exports.

The best solution for b2b to increase sales and exports. The associates' help is priceless in completing deals. The representatives were there to assist us with anything we asked. Thank you for a job well done.

- Sanjay Sharma , India

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Buyers & Suppliers

This is how it works in 5 simple steps.

Need help along the way?

Our network of Representatives and Associates are always there to assist you in completing trade deals and expanding into new markets at minimal cost and risk.

Looking to import or export?

Ask our international traders to assist you in getting the best deals.

Step 1 - Sign Up!

The registration process is simple.

The information you provide will help introduce you to clients and bring you more deals.

Step 2 - Suppliers list products

Suppliers list up their products on our platform.

Buyers find these products online and reach out to suppliers.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

List the product you want in the Products Wanted section.

Suppliers will reach out to you!

Step 3 - Search, Select & Compare!

Search for products on our online marketplace.

Next, select and compare multiple products using our comparison tool.

Have you found a product that interests you?


Step 4 - Effortless Negotiation

Buyers and Suppliers negotiate deals online using only numbers. No text!

Eliminating language barriers!

This encourages buyers to reach out to suppliers from all around the world to negotiate trade deals privately.

  Buyer Offer
Quantity (supplier has 3000 units) 500
Price Offer (supplier asking price $250) 185
Total Price 92,500
Offer Valid Until 29 / 03 / 20XX
Send Negotiation

Step 5 - Offer accepted and confirmed!


Turn to our network of Associates to help you complete your trade deal.

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List up to 50 items in any of our main sections.

More items can be posted at an additional charge.

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Performance-Based (suppliers only - conditions apply)

Use this package and start by only paying a $105 activation fee.

The balance of $1590 is due upon the completion of your first deal.

$1695 per year. Learn more

Commission-Only (conditions apply)

Pay only 7.5% comision on completed deals.

No activation fee.
No membership fee.
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