Confirmation Message

Congratulations... Now that your offer has been "Accepted and Confirmed", it is the responsibility of Buyers and Sellers to contact one another to complete transactions. Contact information is available for both parties. Please click on the "offer Accepted and Confirmed" link in your Negotiation's page to view contact details.

Contact details include Trade References as entered by each party in the membership application. Buyers and Sellers are encouraged to do their own "Due Diligence" to proceed with transactions in accordance with the 'Accepted and Confirmed' terms and conditions.

In international transactions, Buyer proceeds to issue required Letter of Credit (L/C) through his Bank, who will advise the seller of the L/C and its documentary conditions through the seller's nominated bank. Documents required consist of an invoice, a shipping document (Bill of Lading, Air consignment note, multimodal transport note, post receipt...), and other documents agreed on between the Buyer and the Seller.

Upon being advised of L/C conditions, Seller ships the goods, prepares the required documents, and presents them to his nominated bank, who will pay him after checking that all documents presented are in full compliance with the L/C terms.

Seller is advised to carefully review all documentary conditions and prepare all required documents as per the L/C terms in order to be promptly paid.

The Sellers' Bank sends the documents presented under the L/C to the Buyers' Bank who delivers them to the buyer, after the settlement of L/C value, entitling the buyer to clear the goods through his country's customs.

If you need further assistance, 1Point Commerce's Associates provide Essential Business Services to assist you in completing transactions. Congratulations again on your Accepted and Confirmed offer.

1Point Commerce Support Team.