1Point Commerce Code of Ethics

At 1Point Commerce, our mission is clear: to empower businesses to Compete Locally and Expand Globally, all while minimizing risks and costs. Our network includes Traders, Representatives, Associates, and Members, each playing a crucial role in international trade and commerce.

To ensure that our network operates with the highest ethical standards, all parties have agreed to abide by the 1Point Commerce Code of Ethics:

1. Integrity and Transparency: We commit to maintaining the highest standards of service, openness, transparency, and accuracy in all our dealings.

2. Competence: We will offer our products and services only when we possess the knowledge, experience, and competence to fulfill them.

3. Commitment: Promises made will be promises kept. We will only make commitments that we can fulfill and take all necessary steps to ensure their completion.

4. Acting in Members' Best Interests: 1Point Commerce's Representatives and Associates will always act in the legitimate interests of our Members, providing services with integrity, fidelity, and fairness. Fairness and justice will be maintained in dealings between buyers, sellers, and other commercial entities.

5. Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: Representatives and Associates will not accept compensation from multiple parties for the same service or transaction without the consent of all parties involved.

6. Truthfulness: We pledge to provide truthful, impartial, and accurate information to 1Point Commerce's Members and others.

7. Confidentiality: Information about the business or technical affairs of 1Point Commerce's Members will not be disclosed without their consent, unless legally required.

8. Honesty about Qualifications: We will not misrepresent our qualifications or experience to buyers, sellers, Members, or the public.

9. Truthful Advertising: We will refrain from creating advertisements or communications that mislead the public or harm the dignity of 1Point Commerce or its members.

10. Respect for Intellectual Property: We will not imitate, simulate, or copy any name, design, style, mark, or pattern in use by another party without their written permission.

11. Upholding Reputation: We will not engage in actions that damage the reputation, practice, or prospects of others, except when expressing an opinion before a court, tribunal, or lodging a complaint with a competent body.

12. Conflict Resolution: In case of disputes, we will make reasonable efforts to resolve them promptly and amicably.

13. Ethical Partnerships: We will collaborate only with parties that adhere to the ethical practices outlined in this code.

14. Avoiding Conflicts: We will not engage in any activities that directly or potentially conflict with this Code of Ethics.

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