Associate Information

1Point Commerce‘s associates are professional business services providers. As an integral part of 1Point Commerce‘s global e-commerce network, they provide services to enable our member companies to complete trade deals and expand into the associates‘ local-markets at minimal cost and risk.

There are two groups of associates; one group assists companies with international trade deals by providing trade, finance, insurance, inspection, shipping, freight forwarding and customs brokerage services. The other group of associates assists companies to expand into their local markets, providing legal, accounting, advertising, marketing, consultation, translation, real estate, employment and other services. For a complete list of our associates‘ services please click here.

Associates abide by 1Point Commerce‘s Code of Ethics and adhere to the highest standard of ethics of their respective professions.

Associates joining our network have protected territory, and only three associates are allowed to join our network for each service in each market.

To join our network of professional associates, please click on the link below.

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